Land Sourcing and Eco Friendly Construction

Our Aim

To identify development potential and create partnerships or solutions that maximise your properties value and deliver beautiful, eco friendly homes.

Why Us?

1- Our estate agency sister company, industry experience, knowledge of the local values 

2- Our database of alternative developers ensure that if the project is not something that we can do sustainably, we place it with the right buyer that will pay the best possible price

3- Low environmental footprint ethos, all projects completed by enviro are done with the latest eco friendly, renewable energy measures such as solar panels, ground source heat pumps and more

enviro’s process

We have simplified the process into 3 easy stages

Stage 1

Identify properties with development potential and establish contact with the owners after completing detailed due diligence on the planning history and complexities of those sites

Stage 2

Together with the owners explore terms and a method that maximise a properties value before agreeing a price and progressing with an application for planning permission. 

Stage 3

Depending on the decision reached by the planners enviro will either, complete the agreed transaction, step back to stage 2 and appeal/ revise the application, or re evaluate the proposal together.