It’s important we all play our part!

At enviro we made this ethos part of our strategy from day one, enviro might not always build what you might expect of an eco home or what you might see on the TV, but we build homes with the lowest carbon footprint that we sensibly can.

Homes with Lower Carbon Footprints

our homes will all typically have a low environmental carbon footprint by using some or all of the following measures
Fuelled by ground or air source heat pumps & Solar energy
High levels of insulation and
air tightness
Sustainable materials and Minimising waste
Replacement of trees
and more

enviro consultancy

Enviro are a consultancy as well as a developer, We understand that whilst oneĀ builder loves building large blocks of flats, another loves building single houses, some will take greater risks and buy without planning permission, others want something ready to build but will pay a premium for it. Whilst we really hope that we are the perfect solution, if a project can’t be done sustainably, it might not be right for us, and at this stage we welcome the opportunity to match the right buyer for you, this is something that few of our competition are willing to do.

The Enviro Way

Having spent 20 years each in the estate agency world we might not have developed 100’s of houses but we have sold 1000’s and developed skills that enable us to create solutions that work for both a buyer and seller, and that is what makes enviro different. our focus is to identify potential development opportunities that maximise your properties value, we then agree fair and lucrative terms to get the property(ies) through planning permission, and last but not least we deliver a building that makes everyone feel as good about the end product as they do about the economics.


enviro projects

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Energy Efficiency

There are a great number of ways in which energy efficiency in new homes can be acheived